1. What are the Key Shape features of the Apex and Apex Team?

In terms of bottom shape the Apex features a Venturi concave bottom with an intermediate rocker. In terms of outline the Apex features full tips while being the widest planform in the range when compared for the same given length.

  1. Both the Apex and Apex Team Feature Airush Torsion Control, what is the concept behind torsion control?

The Torsion Control work in conjunction with the key shape features, to tension as the board is twisted and loaded up, then respond immediately as the rider launches, creating the perfect boost. During regular riding the Torsion Control also limits twist enable the board to be ridden flatter, enhancing upwind performance and early planning.

  1. What is the difference between the Torsion Control on the Apex and Apex Team?

The Apex Features our standard Carbon Torsion Control with Multiple Carbon Strips aligned along the Bottom deck perpendicular to the torsional twist. The Apex Team features a full layer of torsional Carbon top and bottom to further enhance the torsional response.

  1. What are the key benefits of the Venturi concave?

The Venturi concave smoothens the ride in chop and improves the early planning by channeling water under the tail section of the board. This also improves the control by allowing the tail to sit deeper in the water and a reduction in fin size.

  1. How the Venturi help with Fin reduction?

The Venturi tip channels water away from the fin area limiting the amount of turbulent water flow around the fin area, enabling the fins to work more effectively.

  1. How does the performance of the Venturi Concave differ from the channel tips of the Livewire?

The Venturi Concave will offer a less locked in feel than the heavily channeled tips featured in the Livewire if compared with the same fin size. The Venturi Concave has less drag than the channeled tips, enabling the rider to get planning earlier and ride less powered.

  1. Can you comment on the wood core used compared to other brands?

The key features of the Wood core used in the Apex and all Airush Twintips is the use of Multizone Biotech Core, which is a vertical Paulownia wood core sandwich. This multilayer construction creates a consistent density from the natural material with the key difference being the amount of different zones, increasing the cost of the core, but with the result that our wood cores are renowned for their response, durability and smoothness.

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