Collection: Airush Directional

For the Airush surf range, designer Clinton Filen has worked with our international team, developing three versatile shapes that are optimized for key conditions. 

The Cypher is designed as a high-speed strapless blasting and boosting machine. Featuring a parallel outline for stability. Great in onshore conditions, or on flatwater, It’s the go-to board for Kiko Roig Torres in strapless freestyle shred sessions.

For the perfect blend of wave riding and aerial mastery as our all-around surf shape, the AMP has a fast rocker with maneuver-oriented outline. This board was developed with Reider Decker and is absolutely the most versatile board we have ever developed.

The OS-1 is the sweet spot for down-the-line wave riding, covering any wave conditions where you are looking for maximum maneuverability. Featuring a high rocker with narrow nose & tail. – Oswald Smiths weapon of choice.

Looking into the constructions, the Reflex Glass construction combines durability with perfect flex and responsiveness. With the option of footstraps in various configurations and shipped standard with our legendary ultra-thin traction for the perfect connection.

The Team Series Reflex Carbon surfboards sit at the pinnacle of our collection. Created as lightweight and durable construction that maintained a much higher level of flex than traditional carbon boards and ensuring maximum responsiveness.

Airush Directional