Collection: Airush Foil Boards

Driven by innovation, at Airush Kiteboarding, our aim is to deliver high-performance foil boards to our customers while ensuring that all of our products are as durable and sustainable as possible. By utilizing more sustainable materials, we both increase the durability of our products, while decreasing our impact on the environment.

Foiling is quickly becoming one of the most popular riding styles within the kiteboarding community, because of its incredible ability to include riders from lightwind parts of the world who previously had to travel far to windy places just for an epic session. 

Now, the fact that the foil board hardly creates resistance once it is on the foil gliding above the water, means that you can enjoy a session even in the lightest of wind ranges. All our foil boards are directional boards.

The Airush foil board collection consists of two refined foil boards. One of which is part of the Airush Team Series and is used by athletes such as Alexia Fancelli, Colin Oudot, Elias Ouahmid, and Gijs Wassenaar.

Airush Foil Boards