Collection: Airush Kites

Driven by innovation, at Airush Kiteboarding, our aim is to deliver high-performance kites to our customers while ensuring that all of our products are as durable and sustainable as possible. By utilizing more sustainable materials, we both increase the durability of our products, while decreasing our impact on the environment.

Airush Kiteboarding is the pioneer of lightweight kites, and with an increase in demand for lighter, more responsive, and stronger kites, we have developed the Team Series range, featuring a Ho’okipa Ultra PE leading edge.

Your kite is an important piece of gear in your quiver. It is what pulls you, makes you fly and catches you mid-air. We need to ensure that it keeps you safe while giving you the freedom of flight.

All of the kites above are the result of months, and even years of testing, tuning, research and continuous iteration to provide the rider with an incredible riding experience.

Whether it’s your first time using a kite, or you are a seasoned professional, there is an Airush kite for you.

We specialize in inflatable kites, of which the leading edge and struts give the kite’s canopy structure and responsiveness.

We have kites that cover various riding styles with all-around and specialized performance. 

Airush Kites