Selecting The Best Twintip Kiteboard

Key features that determine the performance of a twintip are:

The Rocker

The rocker is the curvature of the board from one tip to the other. If your twintip kiteboard has a continuous rocker, it means the board curves all the way from tip to tip. If your board has a 3-stage rocker, it means that the mid-section of the twintip will be flatter versus more curvature on the tips. Continuous rockers give the board more control and smoothness where a 3-stage rocker generally gets used for more of a looser underfoot and more pop.

If you are planning to ride in lighter wind conditions, a board with a flatter rocker will cause less drag in the water and effectively generate more power. 

Our freeride boards feature a medium rocker, which means it is good for a big range of conditions from chop to strong winds. 

Our freestyle boards feature a higher rocker profile for a smaller turning radius and fast landings of tricks. 

The Outline

The outline is the overall shape of the board when viewed from the top. The outline determines how much contact your rails have with the water. As a guideline, look for boards with straighter outlines if cutting upwind and resistance is a priority. Go for more of a curved outline for better carving and responsiveness in high winds. 

Keep in mind that the narrower your board, the faster, more responsive and lighter in weight. The wider your board, the more stability, pop and lightwind ability.


Our twintips that have channels are often used to hit obstacles with the board such as rails or park elements. Channels also provide better resistance and provide softer landings for big air. 

Kiteboard Tips

Airush big air and freestyle twintips specifically feature square tips with slightly rounded corners for better pop and spray reduction. Our freeride twintips feature more of a rounded tip for better carving ability. 

Board Flex

When it comes to board flex, your best friend in choppy conditions would be a board with a softer flex (how stiff the board is) where if you want to build up speed for a create pop, your medium-hard flex twintip will be better suited. 

More About Airush Twintips

All twintip kiteboards feature ABS reinforced inserts and rails to give you the peace of mind for no more pulled or broken inserts from hard landings or crashes. The ABS Reinforced Inserts create the ultimate amount of durability, whether riding with boots or straps.

Airush twintip kiteboard Paulownia wood cores are renowned for their response, durability and smoothness, and are combined with a versatile combination of laminates depending on each model’s requirement, for all-round performance and durability.